Employment Benefits

Adaptic offers two very different benefits plans that allow our partners the flexibility of choosing the plan best for their individual needs. One is a traditional plan with an established/defined structure, and the other allows the employee the flexibility to allocate their dollars however is best for them. You choose!

All Employees

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10% 401(k) contribution in 2022, 11% 401(k) contribution in 2023. NO matching required, 100% vested. Roth options are available, AND if you don't see a fund in our portfolio, we're happy to add it.

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Earn 160 hours of PTO based on 1,880 hours worked, accrued by the hours worked. Work more than 1,880? You earn more PTO! In addition, get 96 hours of paid holiday leave.

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$50k STD/LTD/Life/AD&D with Principal, with options for voluntary term life. Medical/dental/vision coverage with CareFirst (HMO, Advantage, and PPO plans). HSA is with Paychex and integrated with their platform. Don't need benefits? We offer additional compensation intended to offset the value of benefits.

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FLEX Platform

Payroll, benefits (including Dependent Care and HSA), and retirement services are all managed through Paychex's FLEX platform.

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Employee Referral Bonuses

$10,000 for each new hire (50% after 6 months from start date, 50% after 1 year) OR $300 every month indefinitely, as long as referrer/referee are Adaptic employees.

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Bonus Program

Ad-hoc spot bonuses and thank-you's

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Employee Training

$5,250 in available training dollars, which can be used for training costs or training time

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Technology Allowance

$500 technology allowance available to all employees!

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Annual Profit Sharing

Adaptic employees work WITH us, not FOR us. We set aside some of the company's profit to "re-invest" back into you, our partners and teammates.

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Business Development Incentives

Employees who bring new customer opportunities to Adaptic will be eligible for the business development bonus pool.

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Adaptic employees will be privy to typically "held-close" information.

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Charitable Donations

Charitable-donation matching

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Employee Driven

Adaptic employees are empowered to grow and develop both as individuals and as company partners.

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Employee Say

All employees have a say in company decisions and benefit enhancements.

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External referral bonuses! Attend happy hours! Free swag! Ask us about joining the family! Email .